Prve recenzija filma Piranha 3DD


Piranha 3DD se počeo limitirano prikazati u određenim kino dvoranama diljem SAD-a, te na video on demand servisima. Evo prvih par recenzija sa poznatijih žanrovskih sajtova.

Joblo 1/10

If you’re seriously thinking of spending 15 bucks on this, please, take my advice and give this a pass. It’s just awful- and sure, there’s some T&A, but even that (which is sleazy here, rather than fun as it was in the last film) doesn’t make this worth watching. Even the sight of Katrina Bowden in a bikini can’t save this, and that’s saying a lot!

Bloody Digusting 3/5

First and foremost, the best part of Piranha 3DD is that it was actually shot in 3-D this time around. And being that the pic is a horror comedy, it’s the perfect film to receive the extra dimension. It’s sleezy fun that’s jam-packed with garbage humor and grotesque imagery; more in the vein of what I expected from Aja’s remake

Dread Central 4/5

The flick is hitting theaters and VOD on June 1st, but Piranha 3DD is absolutely meant to be a big screen experience… Piranha 3DD could very well be the most fun genre fans will have at the multiplex this summer.

Horror Movies 5/5

Overall, ‘Piranha 3DD’ is a blast. It’s honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had in a theater and one of the funniest horror films I’ve watched in a while. If you’re expecting a dark, gritty horror show or purposively bad-campfest; you’re swimming up the wrong river.



  1. blesava gore zabava, samo sam očekivao više od režisera i scenarista Feast trilogije. Ovako smo sve najbolje već vidjeli u traileru, a konačni masakr je na kraju ispao mlako u usporedbi s prošlim nastavkom. Bar ima dosta dobrih bolesnih fora na račun seksa, s nekoliko trash elemenata (puška na nozi ili Gary Busey u prvih pet minuta, s 3D scenom). Inače ništa specijalno, s lošim creditsom. + David Hasselhoff koji glumi samog sebe, neprocjenjivo. 3/5

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