The child from Terror's Realm

Skupljanje figurica, bizarnosti i sve što ne spada pod filmove.
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The child from Terror's Realm

Post by Ryuji Takayama » 24 Jun 2013, 11:16

Ispričavam se ako sam fulao podforum, moderatori slobodno mi premjestite temu kamo joj je mjesto.

Dakle, pišem jedan fanfiction na temu filma "The Ring" (američka verzija). Za razumijevanje priče nije nužno potrebno poznavati radnju filma, sve važne informacije iznesene su u tekstu (ili će biti iznesene u kasnijim poglavljima). Budući da sam tekst namijenio za širu publiku, pišem na engleskom. Evo ovdje objavljujem prvo poglavlje, a objavljivat ću i ostala kad budu gotova, ako bude nekog odaziva, ako netko ovdje bude zainteresiran za čitanje. Iskreno se nadam da ću pročitati barem koji komentar.

The tape

It was an ordinary autumn day. Seattle was under a heavy rainstorm while I was sitting home alone in the armchair of my living room, watching a Japanese horror movie called “Ju-On: The Grudge”. I liked that title very much, it reminded me of myself. Of the way I felt about the entire world around me.
While I was watching the movie, more sympathizing with the villainess than being terrified by the way she kills innocent humans, I was suddenly interrupted by the ring of a doorbell. I knew who it was. It was Dave, my best friend. My only friend in this awful universe. As I heard the sound of the doorbell, I pressed the Pause button on the remote controller of my VCR. The movie expectedly froze, showing the picture of a ghost woman covered in blood. I left the living room and went downstairs to let my friend in.
“Hi, Dave!” I said, having opened the door.
“Hi, Seth!” Dave answered, entering the corridor and taking his boots and raincoat off. “I got what we wanted!”
That was one of the very rare moments of true excitement in my life. I knew what Dave was talking about.
He was a member of an internet community called Rings. It was a community of people, mostly teenagers, investigating a mysterious videotape that kills people seven days after they watch it. Many people still think it’s just a high school rumor, but Dave and the rest of the community know it’s true. They have already found the way to survive the curse of the video. Once you’ve watched it, you have seven days to make a copy of the tape and have someone else watch it. If you make it, you survive, and then it’s up to the other person to find their own new victim. Members of the Rings community are trying to discover the origin of that video. They usually make deals in advance, knowing exactly who is going to watch the tape after them. The problem is that up to now no one has made it till the seventh day. After watching the tape they suffer from hallucinations and nightmares, which get worse and worse as the seventh day comes closer. The unusual thing is the fact that those hallucinations can be captured with a camera and shown to a neutral person who would otherwise be unable to see them. As up to now every Rings member has given the newest copy of the tape to the next victim before the seventh day, they haven’t found out what a person experiences in the deadline moment. The people who saved themselves missed that experience, and the ones that died can’t tell what they saw, heard or felt.
But Dave played dirty. After watching the tape, he immediately made a copy and showed it to his neighbor, an elder man who had no idea what was it all about. The oldie watched the tape without knowing he was going to die, without knowing what he had to do in order to survive. As he was excellent with technology, Dave set secret cameras in every single room of the neighbor’s house. The poor naive geezer had no idea about it.
That rainy day when Dave came to visit me was the day when the old man died from the video’s curse. Dave took his cameras out of the oldie’s house and brought them in a plastic bag to me, intending to watch the video of his neighbor’s death with me. He decided for me to be the only one to know his dark secret. He was personally interested in seeing a victim’s experience on the day seven. He never let the Rings members know what he had done to survive and how he drove an innocent old man to death. He knew I was the only one who could understand him, although I had never wanted to get myself involved with the tape. I don’t know who would I ever pass it to, and I don’t want to die. At least not before taking my revenge on the world!
After Dave’s arrival, he and I went upstairs and at first we entered my living room.
“Watching ‘Ju-On’ again, huh?” he giggled as he saw the frozen picture on my TV set.
“Indeed, Kayako never gets old”, I nodded.
“Of course she never gets old, she’s a freakin’ ghost!” he laughed. “Ghosts don’t age anymore.”
“Oh, you clown!” I laughed back at him as we walked on to my room.
As soon as we came and I turned my computer on, Dave plugged one of his cameras in it. Soon after that, we were finally able to watch the video of his neighbor’s death. Dave played the video.
In the video, the old man was sitting in his living room and watching TV. Nothing unusual for a man like him. Suddenly the screen of his TV set went static, and a few seconds later a completely new picture appeared. It was a grayscale picture of an old circular well built of stone. Suddenly, a pair of pale arms, along with a few strands of long black hair, emerged from the well. Someone was coming out. Just a few seconds later, a little girl climbed out through the big circular hole. Her pale arms and bare legs were covered in dirt, just like her torn white dress. Her face was hidden under her long black hair. As soon as I saw her, I recalled Dave telling me some theories floating around the Rings community. Some of its members claim to have seen a little girl in their hallucinations and nightmares. They theorize about the cursed videotape being a portal to her world. Another dimension, alternate reality, something like that.
After coming out of the well on the screen, the girl started to limp forward, getting closer to the screen as the old man was staring in confusion, puzzled by the fact he was unable to switch the channel or to turn the TV off. When the girl came close enough, with her head apparently touching what was supposed to be the camera filming her eerie walk, the next thing that occurred was the weirdest one. Her hair penetrated through the screen, covering with its length the shelf that the TV set was placed on, and leaking droplets of water onto the floor. The old man gasped in shock, standing up from his armchair and starting to step back. Just a few second later, the entire body of the little girl crawled out of the TV, into the real space of the living room. Her appearance was grayscale and as bright as the screen, quivering like the recording of an old and damaged videotape. The old man suddenly dropped down in shock. His movements seemed to be almost completely disabled by his enormous fear. He started to crawl backwards as the girl stood up and started to walk towards him, leaving wet tracks of her feet. Her pale and dirty skin looked dead, she looked like a walking corpse. A few seconds later, the crawling man touched the wall with his back. He had nowhere left to go. The girl then raised her head, thus moving her hair aside and revealing her face. It happened to be as dirty as her arms and legs, with more wrinkles than the face of the man in front of her. She had bags under her undead blue eyes, whose stare made the old man let his last scream. His face was suddenly distorted, his skin looked like melting away. As soon as his face transformed in such an eerie way, the undead girl disappeared and the TV screen went back to static. The old man stood up, obviously unaware of what had just happened and of the terrifying look of his face. A few seconds later, he just dropped on his sofa, with his mouth wide opened. The movement of his opened eyes froze. His distorted motionless face had the expression of shock. He was dead.
As there was nothing left to see, Dave stopped the video. But I kept staring at the motionless screen, completely dumbstruck by what I had just seen. No, I wasn’t terrified by the way Dave purposefully drove an innocent old man to death. I wasn’t terrified by the victim’s distorted dead face either. I wasn’t really scared, but very surprised by the undead girl emerging from the TV. Though, what I was really impressed by was the girl’s behavior. I had no idea who she was and what had happened to her, but that stare in her undead blue eyes was a picture speaking more than a thousand words. A deep feeling burned inside my intuition was telling me that she was really dead. She once really existed and she died. I can’t tell how, but I knew that. From that very moment, I knew I was never going to forget that resentful glare in her undead blue eyes. In them I saw her grudge, her resentment towards the entire world. That’s what her lost soul must be feeling. If it wasn’t so, she surely wouldn’t have stared that way at an innocent old man, she wouldn’t have sent him to death. In those eyes I saw my own feelings for this awful world around me, I saw myself. What could have happened to that girl, I wondered, who on Earth would have purposefully killed her and why? How did her soul manage to manifest itself on the screen and emerge out in the form of a walking corpse? How is that phenomenon connected to the mysterious cursed videotape?
“Seth! Hey, Seth!” Dave’s voice brought me down to Earth a few seconds after the video was over.
“Oh, yes?” I replied, turning to him.
“Don’t tell me you got scared, man!” he laughed, obviously having mistaken the expression of my almost motionless face. “Not you, Kayako lover!”
“Oh, you clown!” I scolded him. “I’m not scared. I’m... fascinated. Tell me, Dave, how were you able to take those cameras out of his house without getting caught?”
“Well, my parents were friends with the geezer, he fully trusted them, so he fully trusted me too”, he explained. “I managed to make a copy of his key. I knew when he was going to die, so I entered his house right after that and took the cameras away.”
“What about your fingerprints, man? You’re in danger after what you did, you know?”
“I’m not in danger, silly!” he laughed. “My family was visiting him quite often. It’s not going to be strange if they find out that I was in his house. Besides that, we know that he died of myocardial infarction, no one can prove it was another human’s fault. They can’t accuse me for having him watch a videotape, man, please!”
“Alright”, I shrugged. “What did you do with the tape?”
“I took it away, of course. It’s here, in my bag.”
“It’s here?!” I exclaimed in excitement. “May I have it, Dave?”
“What do you want to do with it, man?” he laughed. “You said you didn’t want to get involved with it at all.”
“I changed my mind”, I answered. “I want to watch it.”
There was a reason why I wanted to watch it. I saw how the old man died. He actually died from fear after seeing the girl. It’s understandable, almost everyone would die from fear after seeing a walking corpse emerging from a TV screen. But I know it’s not going to happen to me. Especially when I know exactly what the girl’s manifestation looks like, I’m going to expect her and she won’t be able to scare me to death. I want to watch the tape because I want to meet her personally.
“Are you nuts?!” Dave asked. “Why would you put yourself in such a danger? We finally know what a victim experiences in the moment of death. What more do you want to know and why?”
“Don’t worry about me! I know what I’ll do and I know how I’m going to survive.”
“Well, tell me!” he asked curiously.
“I’m going to tell you when it’s all over”, I said, assuming he wouldn’t understand my idea before everything is done. “You’re going to understand. Can I have the tape?”
“As you wish, man”, Dave shrugged and handed me a videotape from his bag.
It looked like a regular tape. It was all black, with no label or anything that could indicate its content.
“Thanks, Dave!” I smiled. “You can have it back in... seven days.”
“No hurry, man”, he shrugged. “I have one more.”
“Great! Be careful with these cameras, man! If anyone finds the videos of your deceased neighbor, you’re in a big trouble.”
“I’m not a moron, Seth! Of course I’m going to be careful. I keep everything regarding the videotape in a vault that only I can open.”
“Alright, so I’m not in danger.”
“Of course you’re not! I may be a heartless bastard, but even if something happened to me, I wouldn’t drag a friend down with myself.”
“That’s nice to know”, I smiled, nodding to him.
Dave spent a few more hours at my house. It was seven o’clock when he went home, leaving me alone. In fact, he did not leave me alone. He left me with the videotape. With that magical item that can bring me close to the one who can truly understand my grudge against the entire world.
As Dave left, I took the tape and went to my living room. I took my “Ju-On: The Grudge” tape out of my VCR and replaced it with the unlabelled one. I sat in my armchair and pressed the Play button on the remote. The video started to play.
At first I saw a completely black screen. A few seconds later it was replaced with the first animated picture – a mysterious ring of white light on the pitch black background. I had no idea what it was, but it came to my mind it might be the inspiration for the name of the internet community – Rings. The screen soon went static for a few seconds and then it showed wavy dark water contaminated with some red liquid. Maybe blood. Suddenly, a motionless grayscale image of a small wooden chair on a blank background. Afterwards I saw a quite unusual animated image. It looked like some white fingers with claws sliding down a black background that looked quite like a woman’s hair. Then suddenly, a grayscale image of an oval mirror, containing the moving image of an adult black haired woman combing her hair. For a moment I thought that was the adult form of the undead little girl. But the following scene proved me wrong. The mirror suddenly moved from the right to the left side of the screen, showing the adult woman no longer. As it appeared on the left side, it was showing a little girl in a white dress, with long black hair covering her face. She was apparently being consumed by some dark fog behind her. The mirror then went back to the right side of the screen, showing the adult woman again. She turned her head to left, like smiling at the little girl. She might be her mother. Then for a short moment I saw a vertically standing nail with a droplet of blood sliding down. Next, a quivering grayscale image of a house, recorded from the perspective of a person standing outside and looking up to it. An adult man was standing at the window. Soon it switched to another grayscale image. It was a cliff next to the ocean. There was a small tree on the left side and a fly flying across the picture. Suddenly, a quite disturbing image of an inhuman head vomiting an unknown thick white thread out. An intestine, umbilical cord or something. Then, for a very brief moment the video showed something that looked like a black nylon. Afterwards I saw another strange image, too short to be fully recognized, looking quite like a solar eclipse. It was followed by a little longer moving image of a burning tree. Then a short image of a finger forcing itself upon a spike and getting its nail torn out. Then suddenly a very ugly moving image of tons of maggots squirming around. A few seconds later, the worms transformed to dozens of humans looking like drowning in the water. The following sequence was just a little less disturbing. A black table with a glass of water on it. The chair next to the table moving itself aside. A giant centipede suddenly appears and squirms away from underneath the table. Suddenly, a probably injured lamb limping into a barn. Then I saw a blinking eye of an animal. I wasn’t sure what animal it was. Then another image of what looked like a solar eclipse to me. It was followed by a disturbing image. Several human fingers, looking like cut or bitten off the hands, moving inside a rectangular box. Then the burning tree again. The black nylon again. The oval mirror again. But that time, there wasn’t only the reflection of the adult woman in it. The woman was also standing in front of the mirror, untying her hair and turning her back to the mirror to look at what I thought was a camera filming her. The house again, but this time without the man at the window. The small wooden chair again, but turned upside down and spinning around. Then a ladder placed against a wall. Then a dark image of several dead horses lying on the shore and getting hit by water waves. The cliff again. But this time there is no fly. Instead there is an adult woman in a black dress, dropping herself off into the ocean. Suddenly, a brief image of a ladder falling down. Another short image of the eclipse, now obviously forming the ring of white light from the beginning of the video. The ladder dropping down. And the last image was there. It was the well. The same one I had seen on the old man’s screen. After its disappearance, the screen went static. The video was over.
I was confused, but unusually unimpressed by all those strange images on the video. After everything I had heard about that tape, I expected something much, much scarier. Then suddenly, my phone rang. I knew it was going to happen. Whenever someone watches the tape, the phone rings and after it happens you have seven days left to live, unless you manage to make a copy of the tape and have someone else watch it within that week.
“Hello?” I said after picking up the phone.
A second of dead silence. Then I heard the voice. A loud whisper of an eerie voice, sounding like something from the other world.
“Seven days!” it whispered in my ear.

(To be continued...)
"While viewing the extinction of the human race from the top of a hill, I would dig a hole in the earth and ejaculate into it over and over" - Ryuji Takayama in "Ring" by Koji Suzuki

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