The Quiet Ones aka Hush (2008)

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The Quiet Ones aka Hush (2008)

Post by A$H » 23 Sep 2008, 11:33

Amel J. Figueroa

PLOT - A young man's rapid decent into madness fueled by memories of a distant past of painful family experiences. Main character Michael Rose believes a normal relationship in the form of a blossoming new love interest may save him from his own demons, only to find that recurring nightmares and memories of the past are too strong for any one love to quiet.


Tony Todd ... TV Show Host / Narrator
Courtney Gains ... Michael's Father
Reggie Bannister ... Mr. Martino
Jennifer Wiener ... Michael's Mother
Bill Allen ... The Priest

Some dreams should never come true...

"Hush" is based on Figueroa's short story "It's Always the Quiet Ones" - Fiction Press 2002.


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